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OpenWave Set-Up and Configuration Information

OpenWave (formerly and Unwired Planet) develops and operates wireless/mobile applications for two-way Internet access via a variety of access devices. For more information on, please visit their Web site at

This page on Interpage's server is intended for OpenWave (, Unwired Planet, or UP) customers, associated mobile carriers or firms, or in general, those companies who have an established service relationship with Unwired Planet. If you have service which uses UP's facilities but deal with a carrier or are part of a corporate account, please contact your carrier or corporate IS or Telecommunications Department for details.

This file details how to set up and configure Fax Services for current Customers. If you have not initiated service with, you will need to do so prior to activating fax services with Interpage. may be contacted at the URL (above), or via telephone at: +1 (650) 596-5200.

If you need information on how to manually send faxes and mailedit (non-fax) commands to our server (not necessary with UP service, but it is available for testing), please refer to our fax and mailedit command code list.

To establish Fax Service with Interpage which will operate with UP's gateway, you will need to:

If you have questions, comments, or need help, please send mail to:

Or call us at +1 (617) 696-8000. Thank you for your interest!

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Last modified 10/12/99