Why should I use Interpage when I already get e-mail and news on my pager?

A number of paging companies do offer e-mail addresses as well as news and information services to their alpha paging customers. At times, these services are adequate for a given customer's needs, and Interpage services may be duplicative and overlap what a given carrier offers. More frequently, however, the paging carrier's Internet gateway and informational services fail to address the needs of customers who need to have a significantly more functional e-mail gateway and/or who require customized, configurable stock, weather, news, sports and oth er informational services, as well as fax and telephone response capabilities in a single, unified package.

Interpage's paging gateway and informational services serve to compliment and augment most paging carrier's alpha/news services as they enable you to::
  • Select your pager's own e-mail address!: The e-mail address assigned to you is one of your own choosing, such as your first name and last initial, or anything else which is available, in the form of userid@interpage.net. "joe@interpage.net", "sally@interpage.net", "davidj@interpage.net", etc., are all acceptable e-mail address formats. Many paging companies force you to use your own "pager ID" (a long string of digits) or your numeric phone number, which people may forget.

  • Control your paging: You can control who pages you and when: Gateways offered by paging carriers do not offer any control over who pages you or when. If you give out your pager's e-mail address, people from all over the world, unwanted solicitations, junk mail, WWW-based pages, and any other message can page you at untimely or undesirable times of day. This is especially troubling for professionals or individuals who are "on call" at night, and who don't wish to be awakened by unimportant pages. The Interpage E-Mail Gateway service allows you to control when you get paged, by whom, and to even allow overrides for important e-mails and WWW-based messages. You never have to give out your pager e-mail address or pager ID again, and never have to worry about receiving pages at inopportune moments or while asleep. You can even schedule your Interpage account to hold pages overnight or when you do not wish to receive them, and then play any pages receive during the period in bulk when the "hold" period expires, keeping you up to date -- but still in control -- of all of your e-mail messages.

  • No Message Limits: Many carrier paging gateways allow only a limited amount of characters from the body (or none at all) to be sent to your pager. This limits the amount of information you can receive from a given e-mail page. The Interpage E-Mail Gateway basic service allows you to configure and modify the entirety of your message content. You can select which header messages you wish to receive, and as much or as little of the body text as you wish. If your paging company only allows 100 characters per page (or some other fixed limit, most do), Interpage can send 2, 3 or as many additional messages as needed to transmit the content you need to your pager rather than be limited by the artificially low limits which most paging carriers impose.

  • Overcall Control: Many paging companies charge "overcalls" if you exceed a given number of alpha messages or alpha characters. Typically, overcall charges run between 10 and 50 cents per page. If you receive a lot of e-mail, this can quickly add up and raise your paging bill significantly. An Interpage E-Mail Gateway account can help you control your overpage costs. Filters and screens can be set so that only important e-mail messages from senders of your choice and/or those who use special codewords in the Subject header will be able to page you; all other e-mail can be forwarded -- but not paged -- to one or more e-mail addresses for your review, or you may read the e-mail messages on Interpage's telnet or POP Mail servers. You can even review pages and usage to determine exactly how many messages were sent to your alpha pager and determine how close you are to the overcall limit, thus allowing you to modify your account accordingly to prevent overcall charges from your paging company in a given month.

  • Changing Carriers? Perhaps you move and your current carrier does not offer service where you move to...Or your current paging provider doesn't offer services you need...Or you subscribe to a mobile phone service which offers alpha messaging and want to receive messages on your mobile as well as your pager. Interpage's E-Mail Gateway service can register multiple alpha or numeric-only pagers, mobile phones, and alpha messaging devices to a single account, allowing you to distribute messages to one/all devices based on your changing needs. If you switch carriers, your Interpage userid and all service options remain the same; people who e-mail to you will never know that you switched paging/messaging carriers!

  • Changing E-Mail Providers? Have multiple E-Mail accounts? As part of the Interpage E-Mail Gateway service, you may redirect any e-mail messages received at Interpage to one or more e-mail addresses, such as your personal e-mail service, business service, etc. If you change jobs, or change providers, people who e-mail you will never have to know the difference: They will continue to mail to your Interpage address and have mail forwarded on to your new e-mail address(es) in a seamless and transparent manner. You will never have to update senders if you change e-mail providers!

  • Need Specific Stock, Weather, and News? Also included in the Interpage E-Mail Gateway account is use of our stock, weather, and news services. Interpage customers may select any number of stocks and/or weather forecasts to be paged (or e-mailed or faxed) to them as often as they wish, any time of day. Instead of receiving the "Top 22" cities weather forecast or a few top stock performers of a given day, Interpage customers can select and modify their stocks, weather cities, and other news services as often and whenever they wish. For example, if you travel, you can elect to have the weather for the visited city paged to you when you arrive and paged daily during your visit.

  • Prefer not to give out your paging company-provided e-mail address or even your Interpage address? You don't have to! Interpage can query your current ISP or e-mail provider(s), obtain any new messages (while preserving your old/seen messages), and bring all your new mail into your single Interpage account for subsequent distribution to your pager, other e-mail addresses, or even your fax machine! By using the Interpage E-Mail Gateway service, people who send e-mail to you will never know you are receiving their e-mail on your pager or mobile phone (unless you want them to), and senders will not have to change the procedure by which they currently send e-mail messages to you in any way!

  • Confirmation Messages Interpage's E-Mail Gateway account also offers confirmation e-mail messages to both the e-mail sender and/or the account holder to provide success/failed page confirmations. If there is a problem with your paging company and you can not receive pages, the sender (and the owner) may be optionally notified that a given message was not paged, and take appropriate action.

  • Intertalk Access Intertalk affords you as an Interpage E-Mail Gateway customer the ability to call in to a telephone response system to hear detailed header information on all of your recent e-mail messages, set/modify/delete weather and stock information, and turn page holding on or off (so you are not disturbed by pages when you do not wish to be). Intertalk also allows you to see if you missed any potentially important e-mail messages, as well as send any e-mails you need to review in full to any fax machine worldwide.

  • Instant WWW and Telnet Account Configuration Control: All Interpage paging, faxing, e-mail forwarding, and other features provided in the Basic E-Mail Gateway paging account can be accessed and controlled via Interpage's extensive WWW and Telnet configuration utilities. Instantly change where your e-mail is forwarded to, or change the time zone for your paging schedule to keep up with travel plans. Weather, stocks, news, sports, and personal reminders can be set directly via the WWW or Telnet, as can page holding, pager preferences, and nearly every other aspect of your gateway account with Interpage, 24 hours a day, all year long!


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Last modified 10/01/99