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Interpage Messaging and Paging services foster greater integration between the Internet, SMS/Mobiles, and more traditional/legacy communications media and devices. These services facilitate messaging from web, cloud-based, or hosted servers and applications for large-scale messaging integration via the Enterprise Messaging/Paging Gateway, as well as for smaller, personal applications such as e-mail notification and distribution via Personal Messaging/Paging Services.

Enterprise Messaging
Messaging and Paging Gateway to any phone, pager or messaging device worldwide
Numeric Paging Service to multiple destinations including cellphones/SMS, pagers, email, voice and fax recipients
Paging Database
Send alpha and numeric pagers to most US/Canadian paging sysrtems without knowing their access numbers
TAP Dispatch
Automated TAP modem gateway to cellular/SMS, pagers, email, voice and fax recipients
International Messaging Gateway to any phone, pager or messaging device worldwide
Alarm Messaging
Integration for Emergency, Industrial Control, Coin-Op, and other automated monitoring to cellphones/SMS, pagers, and more
Monitor incoming TAP modems with immediate failure notifiation to support staff via cell, pager, e-mail, and voice
Inbound customized hosted IVR with messaging, paging, voice, fax and call-connect capabilities
Operator and Individual TAP/IXO and Numeric Dispatch to SMS, Cellphones, Pagers, Voice, Fax and E-Mail
Numeric Dispatch
Numeric-only dispatch to SMS, Cellphones, Pagers, Voice, Fax and E-Mail
Please click on a service icon, above, for the given service's page, or review the various service overviews, below. Services may be combined and/or customized to provide for specific functionalities - please inquire for details.
Many other additional messaging/paging services are available, including virtual numeric paging, TAP/IXO gateways for alarm and monitoring equipment, messaging test services to ensure equipment is up and running, customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems which incorporate and expand upon the Messaging/Paging services, and more, which are detailed on this overview page, below.
Last update: 10/11/2022

The Interpage Enterprise Messaging/Paging Gateway allows for large-scale integration between web sites, servers and other automated web-based applications to cellular telephones, SMS mobiles, and legacy devices such as alpha and/or numeric pagers, scripted dial pagers, voice pagers and voicemail systems, all via a common interface, and with detailed status, confirmation, and billing messages/reporting. The enterprise messaging/paging gateway can be used as a single point of access to send messages and content to nearly any destination device, via current or legacy delivery mechanisms and modalities.

Interpage's Personal Messaging/Paging provides for e-mail notification and broadcast to multiple, configurable destinations, such as cell phones, pagers, other e-mail addresses, fax, and voice notification. Messages can be scheduled and filtered by sender, time of day, day of week, and more, to provide for a robust and flexible notification regime.

Enterprise Messaging and Paging Gateway
DirectPage offers the same operability as a standard numeric pager, but with much more flexible distribution of received pages, from sending to more than one pager, to sending received pages to cellular phones, email, fax and even voice notification to landline and cellular phones without messaging capabilities. Customized menus, voice prompts, available/unavailable status, page filtering, filtering based on content, filtering based on CallerID, scheduling of on-call devices, and more are available with DirectPage and its associated services and plans.
Paging and Carrier Database
The Paging Carrier Database facilitates messaging to most national and regional US paging and messaging carriers without needing to know the given carrier or provider's access number or special dialing sequences to access their customers - the paging/carrier database performs lookups for carriers and formats, connects to, and disseminates pages and other messages automatically, and with no additional information required from end users/recipients of pages and messages.
Tap Dispatch
The Interpage TAP/IXO Gateway provides a single point of access for automated equipment, operator dispatch services, call centers, emergency response services, industrial controls, intrusion alarms, and any other monitoring/alert reporting services or equipment to immediately notify cell phones via SMS and MMS, pagers, e-mail, fax and voice notifications to landline and mobile phones. Additional TAP-related services may be found on the TAP Combined Services Page, the Self-Dispatch Overview Page, and the Operator Dispatch page.
International Messaging and Paging Gateway
The International Messaging and Paging Gateway provides similar functionality as the Enterprise Messaging/Paging Gateway, but with specific concentration of delivering SMS and paging messages to mobiles and pagers outside of the US and Canada. Additionally, the International Gateway provides e-mail addresses to mobile carriers, MVNOs, and other providers on an individual or carrier/domain-widebasis, and reports billing to carriers as needed, so as to afford customers the ability to give out an e-mail address tied to their mobile device.
Alarm Messaging
Interpage's AMS (Alarm Messaging Service) interconnects Coin-Op, HVAC, burglar/intrusion, and other automated monitoring or alarm systems via multiple methods to allow for immediate notification to multiple devices and destinations. One of more cellular phones or SMS/MMS recipients, pagers (numeric and alpha), e-mail, fax and voice destinations can be simultaneously notified when an alert or alarm condition exists. Unlike standard TAP dispatch, the Interpage AMS can accept TAP, Touch Tone/DTMF, Voice and E-mailed alerts, all of which can be filtered with a rules-based schedule for notification to various recipients on nearly any communications device.
TAP Dispatch Test Services
TAPTest monitors and tests TAP/IXO modems used by paging carriers, cellular carriers, hospitals, corporate campuses, universities, and emergency/first responders, and immediately notifies on-call personnel when a given modem or group of modems fail to answer or accept dispatches. The TAPTest service ensures that modems and servers are up and running before customers or emergency responders are affected by not receiving critical messages.

CustomIVR is a series of turnkey and/or custom-tailored telephone services to accept input from customers, on-call staff, field personnel, or other respondents and prompt, screen, and direct responses based on pre-determined factors and screens. Typical CustomIVR customers are call centers needing to poll customers on their experiences with CSRs, field-work and construction firms which need to have remote workers provide detailed project status reporting, or hospitals and emergency responders who need a method to confirm receipt of a message or page via an authenticable and unambiguous manner.

CustomIVR is utilized for portions of the Interpage Test Text, SMS, and Multimedia/MMS Messaging Service, and may be accessed and demonstrated by calling +1 (650) 456-4556.

Self-Dispatch allows Operator Dispatch Centers, Call Centers, Emergency Response Centers, or any service which answers calls in person to immediately and securely dispatch messages to multiple recipients via Text/SMS, Multimedia/MMS, e-mails and attached audio WAV files, traditional one-way or two-way paging, numeric paging, voice paging, voice notification, and fax, with customer or account-specific filters, screening, and time-of-day notification schedules.
Numeric Dispatch
Numeric-only dispatch alerts/messages to SMS, Cellphones, Pagers, Voice, Fax and E-Mail which, by virtue of its numeric-only content, forces senders and reicpients to send/receive only HIPAA-compliant messages. As no patient name or other alphabetical information may be sent, the Numeric Dispatch service ensures that messaging for medical practices and environments are end-to-end HIPAA compliant. The Numeric Dispatch service may also be used in many other applications, such as when alpha messaging is unwanted for non-HIPAA reasons, when integrating with numeric-only (Touch Tone/DTMF) equipment, or when a touch tone interface is needed for callers to a given IVR system or branch-off thereof.

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