Fax Mailbox
FaxUp fax mailbox provides a fully-featured, flat-rate, fax-reception service. Callers fax to your local number (or numbers) which FaxUp offers worldwide, and received faxes as sent as PDF, TIFF, and/or GIF files to one more destinations, including cell phones, email, or automatically re-sent to one or more other fax machines. There are no premium or internationally unreachable numbers - all FaxUp numbers are regular local numbers. FaxUp customers may optionally receive notification of all calls to their FaxUp mailbox - even if callers hang up - with the CallerID and NameID of the caller (if available). For additional details, click here.
    Worldwide Fax Numbers
FaxUp offers local, non-premium, directly-dialable personal FaxUp numbers. There are no PIN-based access methods or numbers which can't be dialed internationally. For additional details, click here
FaxUp service offers an unlimited reception, single-line account for $10 per month without any additional monthly or per-use charges. Additional plans are available for higher reception volumes and with other features; for additional details, click here
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