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Received Call and Fax Notification to Multiple Devices and Destinations
FaxUp, and FaxUp Plus, will provide three notification messages based on the status of a received fax. These notifications may be sent to any email address, cell phone or text messaging device, with FaxUp Plus customers able to filter and direct the following message types to different email addresses and mobile devices: :
Fax Filtration and Unsolicited/Spam Fax Blocking
The FaxUp and FaxUp Plus services can block faxes from unknown, unavailable, restricted/private/withheld, as well as those from telemarketers and unsolicited/spam senders by optionally screening fax senders from Interpage's Unsolicited/Spam Fax Database.

Faxes can be blocked from one or more of the following senders:
  • Unknown/Unavailable: Calling numbers where the Caller ID/Caller Name ID is not available.
  • Private/Restricted/Withheld: Calling numbers where the caller has intentionally blocked delivery of their Caller ID/Caller Name ID.
  • Known Unsolicited/Junk/Spam Fax Senders: FaxUp maintains a database of known junk fax senders, and operates fax numbers throughout the United States and Canada to receive unsolicated/spam faxes. When an unsolicited fax is received, the fax is inspected for content and sender information, and if a given received fax is determined to be "junk" or unsolicited, the sender will be added to the FaxUp blocked database, and communally blocked from all FaxUp numbers who elect to use the FaxUp Junk Fax database.
FaxUp and FaxUp Plus customers may elect one or more of the above filters and screens, which can significantly cut down on the number of unsolicited faxes received.

FaxUp Flat Rate Fax Reception Options
The FaxUp Plus service offers additional features above and beyond the base FaxUp plans described herein. In addition to FaxUp features, FaxUp Plus allows for multiple access numbers feeding into the same account, customized greetings for manual fax transmission, alternate file formats based on sender (sending faxes from, for example, 2135551212 will be sent as PDF, while those from 4155551212 will be sent as GIF, etc.), automatic re-transmission to alternate fax machines based on sender or other rules-based delivery schedules, and more.

Additional fax-based service include:

OutFax - Outbound fax facility using TDM (standard telephone) lines without VoIP, for error-free, high-grade fax transmission and broadcasting.

FaxUnlimited - Unlimited pricing variants of the above OutFax service, offering flat rate faxing based on bandwidth and no per minute or per page charges.

FAXTest - Fax machine, server, or cloud-based fax reception testing, assurance, and notification services, which regularly tests fax numbers via multiple means and immediately sends alerts to cell phones, pagers, e-mail, and/or voice notification when a given fax destination in inoperative.