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Free Trial:

Faxup offers a free week-long trial for evaluative purposes; there is no cost to sign up nor are trial accounts required to provide any billing or credit card information.

The week-long trial will utilize a local number from a pool of available numbers (it will thus likely not be local) which is currently available at the time of your trial activation. (Sorry, FaxUp does not provide numbers local to a given trial customer for FaxUp trials as are offered to subscription/paying accounts.)

To activate a FaxUp trial, please use the Interpage Free Trial Activation server, or obtain and complete the FaxUp 7-Day Trial Activation Form.

Shortly after receipt, you should receive via e-mail (and optional text message if your cellular/mobile phone number was provided) with your trial FaxUp number and service instructions. (If you do not receive your trial "Welcome" message within one business day, please contact us at (650) 331-3900 during Pacific business hours).

FaxUp trials will remain active for 7 days (including weekends), and automatically suspend after the 7-day period ends.

Subscription Signup:

To sign up for paid/subscription FaxUp service, either during, after, or without a trial, please obtain and complete the FaxUp Signup Form.

Upon receipt, an access number(s) in the city/locality of your choice will be provisioned, and a confirmation/"Welcome" e-mail sent to you (with a supplemental text message if a cellular/mobile number is provided). The "Welcome" message will contain your local FaxUp number, account name and password, and other more general information about the FaxUp service.

If you have any additional questions pertaining to the activation of a FaxUp trial or subscription/paid account, please contact us or call (650) 331-3900 during Pacific business hours.


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