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All FaxUp fax reception numbers are local, non-premium numbers, which cost nothing more than the cost of a local call to send to.

Unlike other fax reception services which use toll-free numbers and bill the owner to receive calls (even if they are just wrong numbers), or which offer worldwide numbers which are premium or "caller-pays" (where the calling party pays a higher rate than a local call), FaxUp's numbers are regular local numbers, which in most cases are free to call from within a given city or local calling area, and thus "look and feel" (and are billed) just like a regular fax number with a physical fax machine. FaxUp customers pay nothing more to receive - and senders pay nothing more to send - faxes to any FaxUp number, which to the fax sender appears to be a standard fax machine/number.

FaxUp accounts with local numbers in the US are $10 per month, Canada US$12.95 per month, and in other countries US$15 per month. Multiple access numbers, access number continuous blocks, IVR and custom-branded faxUp systens are also available via the FaxUp Plus service.


FaxUp Worldwide Local Access