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How does FaxUp work?: FaxUp provides a local telephone number in nearly any US/Canadian locality, and most major cities worldwide. Callers send faxes to your local FaxUp number, which are received in real-time by When the call is first received (before the fax transmission completes), notification of a received fax attempt may optionally be sent to your e-mail address and/or mobile device alterting you that someone is trying to fax to you, and provide the Caller ID and Caller Name if available. After the fax completes, a received fax notification is sent to any e-mail address and/or cell phone, which will contain a PDF of the received fax, with the sender's Caller ID and Caller Name if available.

How much does FaxUp cost?: Basic service (FaxUp/001) costs $10 per month with a one-time $10 set-up fee. There are no other charges, and fax reception is unmetred/flat rate for the $10 monthly charge.

How may faxes may I receive at the same time?: FaxUp service allows only one sender to send you a fax at any given time; this ensures that large-scale receivers don't obtain a FaxUp account and have many people sending to their number and unfairly using resources to the detriment of customets. If a fax number is receiving a fax, a second caller who is trying to send a fax will receive busy signal until the first fax completes. For customers who need higher volume plans, please consult the FaxUp PLUS page.

Can FaxUp be accessed from the web?: No, FaxUp Basic/001 does not provide any web-based access or filtering/screening/viewing of faxes; all received faxes are sent immediately and automatically to the destination e-mail address(es) and cellular or mobile destinations which you specify. This keeps FaxUp simple and easy-to-use: Obtain a FaxUp number, and faxes go to your e-mail and/or phone with no set-up, no special software or apps, or configuration. (Customers who require a more customized fax-receive or fax-mailbox product may review the FaxUp PLUS page for additional/more advanced fax reception service options.)

Can FaxUp provide other options to callers?: Yes, FaxUp can be integrated with paging/messaging features, voicemail, and live call-connect, using the same FaxUp number, thus offering your callers a virtual number service. Please contact us for details.


FaxUp Frequently Asked Questions