Interpage Free Fax Demonstration Service

This is a free service offered by Interpage to demonstrate and promote our fast, robust, and reliable fax-based services. Using this service, you may send a fax for free to any US/Canada-based fax machine, for delivery to the destination fax which you specify.

The test service converts the web-based content you enter into a UUENCODED DOC file which is then processed by our fax server; many alternate fax formats, such as attached DOC, PDF, PostScript, HTML, URLs/remote web sites, Microsoft Office Suite, etc., are supported via the paid/subscription OutFax or FaxUnlimited services.)

If you are unable to utilize this service as an evaluation and would like to test Interpage's OutFax, InFax, or other email to fax/fax broadcast services, please call us at +1 (510) 315-2750 to schedule and/or conduct a few free tests during your call.

Parties interested in establishing a limited-use trial account via a non-billing signup form may contact Interpage Support at +1 (510) 315-2750 during Pacific Business hours for details and procedures; a non-billing signup form is required and may be obtained at
Thank you for using Interpage's FreeFax (sm) service!

Last modified 12/15/2014
To send a test fax:
Interpage Free Fax Service
Send a test fax for FREE to anywhere in the United States and Canada! The FreeFax service sends a free, two-page test fax to anywhere in the US or Canada - just enter the test fax destination in the blue area below. Additionally, LobbyByFax allows you to send a free fax to your Congressional Delegation about a variety of current issues, or create a letter of your own by selecting the approrpiate link from the green-boxed area.
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Interpage's OutFax service provides fast, reliable, and economical enterprise-grade fax service to interconnect offices, web sites, and sales platforms to outbound/send-fax applications.

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To receive additional information about Interpage's Services, please go to:

The Interpage Contacts Page

Or call us at +1 (650) 331-3900 during US Pacific Business Hours.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our faxing or other services!

For information on Interpage's other non-fax Internet integreation services, please select a link from the left of the page, or select the Interpage Overview for a detailed summary.

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Send a free fax to Congress with Interpage's OutFax service telling your elected officials to vote NO on the Marketplace Fairness Act/Internet Sales Tax! Click here for details and an editable, pre-written fax message, or compose your own message to Congress here.

Sending a free fax to Congress via the Interpage/LobbyByFax system should take only 30 seconds or so, and we do not track, market, sell, or contact you in any way, so please take a very few moments and tell your Congressional Representatives to vote against the Act! Thank you!

Interpage's FreeFax Service lets you measure the speed and reliability of Interpage's fax services. We do NOT use fax numbers entered for future solicitations nor is any information sold to outside sources or used for marketing or tracking purposes of any kind. The FreeFax service is solely provided as a means to evaluate Interpage's fax-based services and is otherwise unsupported. Please see our NO TRACKING policy for details.
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Contacting Interpage
Simply enter the destination phone number in the box immediately below. The destination number should be 10-digits, without any spaces, dashes, or brackets. Thus, to send a fax to (213) 555-1212, you should enter "2135551212" (without quotes).

             Phone number:

Please enter a single alpha character or number which will appear on the cover sheet of your fax. This character/number may be used to correlate a given fax's transmission time with it's reception at your test location(s) to time throughput and speed.

Alpha/Numeric Character:

Please enter your text message below. NOTE: Due to potentially malicious prior use of this service, no part of the text box below will be transmitted for this service; interested parties who wish to use the variable text/document OutFax service should contact Interpage for a signup form and trial account.


If your destination number, recipient, and message are all correct, please click below to send your fax. Your fax will be sent in 2 minutes to allow time to ensure that your fax machine is set to receive faxes and the line is not in use. (Want immmediate turnaround with no 2 minute delay? Sign up for a Free OutFax Trial account!)

Send a free fax to Congress with LobbyByFax!